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Campaign Timeline


1: Campaign start. Spring festival
7: Marya dies, Gurt flees with baby
8: PCs leave Northenden
10-12: PCs in Tashal
14: PCs arrive back in Northenden
15: PCs head to Loban
17: George finds Aldrazul's lair in Demon Rock
23: Osark announces his impending marriage to Idarin.


3: Taelda attack Northenden. Idarin and her father return to Loxton.
13: PCs kill Aldrazul in the woods
16: Fur road arrives at Olokand
23: PCs arrive in Tashal
25: Uvern attacked


12: PCs arrive back in Northenden
13: Head to investigate Taelda camp
14: Visit Loban
15: Osark's forces destroy the Taelda camp
22: Micky fights Girasz near Tashal
28: PCs set out for Durrie
30: PCs attack men outside Durrie Manor, George slain.


1: Micky, Rolorick and Imaren set out for Durrie
2: Rolan and Tal set free
11: Osark challenges Hargalen. Police action against boxing ring.
14: Aelebar and Drader accosted or captured
15: Tal finds a wondrous glade
16: Telin captured
19: duels, executions, attempted assassinations


Larane 12-21: Chelebin Royal Tournament of Chivalry, Olokand.

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