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Player Characters

(Important information about creating characters for the game can be found here)

Micky Timothy Murphy

Micky stands about average height with an unbelievably slight build which he eagerly describes as wiry. He has shaggy and somewhat matted dirty blond hair and facial scruff that never seems to attain beardhood. His green eyes do a good job of indicating his mood and sometimes level of consiousness. He carries a small carving knife on a belt which has obviously been poorly modified to fit his slim waste. He wears a large black coat and loose fitting tunic and pants. His old boots are wearing a little thin and lead one to suspect that a heavy rain would penetrate them with ease. He talks with a strange accent which he blames on the isolation of his home town. A bottle of whisky is never far off if Micky be near.

Rolan Brant

A rather large boy was born to the Brant family. His parents were Hozae and Wanyda, who had come from the nearby town of Mecks-ykoe not 10 years back. Hozae had the lofty position of Woodward in Northenden, and naturally he also trained his son Rolan in the Woodwarding arts. For a long time it was believed that Rolan would replace his father as the Woodward of Northenden when Hozae retired, but fate had different plans for the young boy (more on that later...). As he was trained as a hunter, Rolan developed quite a bit of skill with the spear and bow, but never really got comfortable with the thought of killing human beings. At some point things happened involving Taelda and stuff and Hozae was killed. Rolan got mad and did stuff that involved lots of killing, then he threw up. That is detailed in the story so far section, and Damon should probably not put this part up.

Rolan has always been a staunch supporter of the nobles, and of Lord Osark in particular. He has a great affinity for the woods, as he spent much of his youth there going on hunting parties and wandering with George. Rolan is a very trusting individual, and has always been broad minded and enjoys the company of others, so he will usually go along with the a plan proposed by others even if he doesn't think it is the best of ideas, unless it goes against the nobles.

Rolan stands about 6'2" tall and weighs 230 lbs. He wears the same clothes he has always worn, the poor and fairly bummy attire of a peasant, when he is dressed for casual situations and wears some makeshift leather armour that was pieced together from the armour of fallen Taelda when he is expecting trouble. Despite his large size and muscled frame, Rolan has never looked all that threatening and even when he is dressed in his full battle regalia.

Sir Rolorick

A knight of Jad.

Quinton Visscher

He is slightly taller than average, is fairly thin, but still in shape. His black hair is shorter than normal and pretty wild, but manages to look good. He has nearly-handsome features, and a charming smile.

Quinton has always been a bit of a slacker, and would trade work off for a bit of fun and a scolding later any day. lately however, his father is sick, and his older brother jarvis has had trouble keeping up with the work. this has forced poor quinton into at least trying to work, even if he still gets easily distracted. usually if there are 5 small jobs that need doing, he can get them all done faster than most, and still have a nap in between, but tell him to till the fields all day, and he'll spend more time watching birds and chasing rabbits than doing any real work. Quinton has a great fondness for music and stories, and loves to entertain and be entertained. a good story or song is the only thing that can realy captivate his attention. his evenings are (or were, before he felt obligated to spend more time at his ailing father's side) commonly spent in the inn entertaining the townsfolk with his music. Quinton also has a fondness for hunting, and is more skilled at taking down a partridge, a few rabbits, or even a deer than many experienced hunters in the village.

Tal Gundry

Talyessin (Tal) stands at equal height to most men. However, his stout body makes him seem much bigger. His head is topped with a mop of dusty blonde hair that never stays in place. His eyes are bright blue, highlighting his ruddy cheeks complete with dimples. Overall his appearance makes him seem boyish (a rather large sort of boyish).

The son of the local tavernkeep, Tal used to consider himself above the peasants who had to scramble in dirt all day. That changed one night when a particularly drunk traveler began a fight that ended with a broken right leg for Tal. Although the leg healed without much incident, Tal now walks with a slight limp and a much more humble attitude. He also began carrying a knife and a stout club whittled from an oak branch, to intimidate would-be attackers and to defend himself in worst-case scenarios.

Tal can most often be found in the tavern assisting his father with daily duties. In the evening he will either be serving ale and food or, if it's a slow night, be entertaining the guests with song, dance, and stories. His captivating voice and talents are much appreciated by the audience. Either way, Tal also keeps his ears open for any tidbit of gossip, and relates what he hears to all who ask, and many who don't. If you want to keep something a secret, don't mention it around Tal!

George Owen (deceased)

George, standing just over six feet tall, is fairly conspicuous due to his considerable height. His green eyes and fiery hair make him even more eye catching. His other features seem large, yet somewhat fine. Otherwise his build is average, if on the slim side, though he does have some muscle on him. From the age of eight George has had a vertical scar, now nearly invisible, on his left cheek—the result of a game of 'knights vs. bandits' that got a little out of hand.

His easy going and gentle nature make him fairly easy to get along with though he does have several odd tendencies such as calling people by their 'beast names' and talking to animals. His goofy grin makes him look somewhat silly, especially when he wears his feathered hat, which all the folk of Northenden know he is touchy about. Besides his somewhat garish hat, he wears rough earth toned clothing made by his mother.

George spends a lot of his time foraging and wandering around the country side surrounding Northenden. On feast days and other celebrations he is always happy to partake in the festivities, especially the dancing. George and his family are regular patrons of the local church. George lives with his mother Amnesty, the village healer, and his crippled father Norman and three old goats; Shirly, Razbery and Tweet in a tumbledown cottage on the outskirts of the village. The Owens have lived in the village of Northenden for as long as anyone can remember. The village blacksmith is known to dislike the Owens; his wife died under the care of George's mother.

George died in the deep night of the 30th day of Nolus, in the year 720 TR

Errol Caine (retired)

Errol stands around 5'6 with a delicate frame and chiseled emotionless features. His eyes are very light blue giving him a slightly unnerving gaze. His thin lips and pale skin are framed by unkempt black hair that he is constantly brushing out of his face. He is slim and graceful though not very strong. Errol wears high collar long sleeved shirts which are clean and rather stiff and simple black pants. He generally dresses as if it were several degrees colder that it really is. He wears a simple ring engraved with a snake and some writing which belonged to his mother.

Errol arrived in Northenden at the age of 5 with his mother Jolina. They stayed with his uncle Rameus who serves as the village priest. After only a year she died tragically from a fall late at night on her way to her room. Since then Rameus has raised Errol to become a priest, although many would argue it hasn't yet taken. Errol is known to have a fondness for 'friendly' wagers and taking the easy way out. He is known to spend a good deal of time reading when books are available and is very interested in any travelers who have news of tournaments or wish to play a friendly game. Though rather cynical and slightly self important Errol is very likeable. Some of the older townsfolk find him too liberal for a man of the faith but have a hard time faulting him in his presence. He is popular with youth and others who normally find the church too inaccessible. Everyone except Errol knows that Anna, a young farm girl is trying to gain his affection. He helped make an antidote to a snake bite her father had and she believes Errol saved her. Her uncle, another local farmer is determined to prove that Errol is a sorcerer and is leading the whole town to damnation.

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