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Non-Player Characters

Northenden - Abroad - Olokand - Tashal - Uvern - Loban - Loxton - Durrie

In Northenden

Sir Osark, Lord of Northenden
Osark Undraden is a retired knight, and it's visible in his build. Though he has now developed a little paunch, he is a sturdy, muscular man and stands taller than almost anyone in the village. He has curly, large, slightly reddish hair and a full beard and light blue eyes.
His past is obscure; it seems he did little more than serve his own lord dutifully and uneventfully. Now he is about 40 and has been in command of Northenden for eight years. He was dispatched after the previous lord died, heirless, of consumption. He is a bachelor, and the last remaining member of the Undraden clan. He is fair toward the villagers, though not particularly kind. He plainly sees himself as belonging to a rather separate world. Though recently, he has warmed up to the commoners a bit more as he has little other source of company.

Marya, daughter of the miller, Rimley.
DECEASED (complications from childbirth). She served as a maid in the Manor house. Rumoured to be having explicit relations with the lord of the manor. She is the mother of THE BABY!!, or was since she is now dead. But really, she still is.

Gurt, manor stablehand
DECEASED (decapitated by the hand of justice). A softspoken, diligent fellow who has stolen a horse and a baby and seems to have gotten himself rather in over his head. He competed with Lord Osark for Marya's affections.

Amnesty Owen, Georgie's mum, healer
Looking at Amnesty, it's easy to see where his red hair comes from. She is kind hearted, but somewhat set in her ways, and usually stays in her small hut on the outskirts of town. She recently earned Osark's good favour by looking after Marya while she was dying.

Normand, George's father
DECEASED (killed by Taelda). A former mercenary who settled down. Now he is badly crippled after an accident in a storm and plagued by all manner of fevers and depressive swings.

Jeb, the Blacksmith
An ill tempered, big man, heavily muscled and full of beard. He is very good at what he does though, and charges medium high, but justified prices. He is known to spend a lot of time at the tavern.

Anna, a young lass

Father Rameus, the Priest
He takes religion seriously, but is a kind man. The village children enjoy playing in the orchard near the chapel.

Rothmar, the tavernkeeper
A relatively outgoing man, not local though, he arrived in the village fourteen years ago to set up the "Blundering Widget". He has a wife and one son.

Jodrin, the beadle
The closest the village has to a police force.

Klybe, the reeve
Lives in the manor with Sir Osark, and is in charge of the running of the household, and the farms.

Hozae, the woodward
DECEASED (Spear through the chest. First casualty of Taelda raiding party.) Rolan's father. In charge of maintaining the woodlands around Northenden.

The nursemaid charged with tending to "Paddy" the baby after its retrieval from Tashal. Badly injured in the Taelda attack.

Sabalyla, a lass of 16
Jebuba's fetching daughter.

Meren, widow
Gurt's mother.

Tormin, a childless farmer
He has bad blood with Udard, who chased away his one true love many years ago.

Udard, a childless farmer
He has bad blood with Tormin, who chased away his one true love many years ago.


"Sir Orion", the imaginary knight
A man who was met in the forest north of Northenden claimed to be Sir Orion. Most of his claims have been revealed as blatantly false.

Sir Rolorick, the real knight
A fiercely religious soldier of Jad.

Klimet, mercenary captain
Hired by Osark to solve the Taelda Problem.

Sir Hargalen, of Eichel
The Ambarnisian Lord who snuck in a betrothal to Idarin

Simulus, sagely priest
A man of the cloth (relgious, not tapestritical) who is a man of great wisdom. His particular area of specialization is the Corani empire that existed on Harn hundreds of years ago. He is the librarian at Caleme Abbey, near Tashal.

Aldrazul, old wacky dude.
DECEASED (speared, stabbed and beheaded by Rolan). Aldrazul was a rather perverse old man who seemed fond of associating with barbarians, dismembering people from all walks of life, and baby-stealing.

Feniri, Taelda chieftain.
DECEASED (beheaded by Sir Osark Undraden, pummelled by Tal). A large brute of a man who came to power in the Taelda camp by deposing the old leader who he saw as weak for falling under Aldrazul's sway. He wouldn't take no guff from nobody, and then he died.

Olokand, and surrounds

Sir Maldan Harabor - the bastard son of King Miginath. Holder of Olokand, traditionally held by the heir, but unaknowledged by the king.

Klimet - mercenary captain hired by Osark to solve the Taelda Problem.

Sir Kalvis - a member of the Order of the Lady of Paladins

Sir Kjer Aphren - Knight Commander of Iversen, Chapterhouse of Lady of Paladins

Sir Banoc - Paladin sent with Rolan and Tal on their scouting mission

Sir Thamarus - Paladin sent with Rolan and Tal on their scouting mission

Sir Justin - Knight injured in the night boxing raid

Ulthisel - Vaguely Rethemi fellow captured on the night boxing raid

Drader - Seedy weapons seller

Aelebar - Merchant selling various wares.

Adrol - A visiting merchant first seen in Durrie. Believed to be a conspirator.

Girasz - massive Northerner originally seen in Tashal.

In and around Tashal

Kendra, a female inhabitant of Tashal.
An attractive young woman who keeps mostly to the streets of the capital. She seems to know about much that goes on within the walls, and want to know even more. She displayed a particular animosity toward Errol, and eventually explained why.

Tranmer, sage.
DECEASED (Poisoned) hired by the group to translate the mystical scribblings Aldrazul had in his pocketses.

Chritz Bleggart, gambler.
A smoothtalking, smoothrolling, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ex-caravan guard.

Remmel, conspiratoire.
DECEASED (Tied to a tree and gored by wild beasts) Found in the house with the remains of Moben and Peras, captured, interrogated, forgotten.

Moben and Peras, men with swords.
DECEASED (fatal knife wounds, then cut into pieces in bags of wheat) First met outside Northenden in a clearing in the wood chasing "Sir Orion", later met in Tashal threatening the PCs, and then in the woods north of Northenden on assignment to kill Aldrazul.

Morvrim, Gurt's new friend.
He appears to be the man who made the second set of footprints our heroes followed into Tashal. He is a scraggly looking, well-built fellow with a hint of red to his mane.

Bigald, tawny haired fellow.
This man was first seen in the woods north of Northenden, more recently in a back alley near the Coin and Broom, and even more recently fleeing the bloody scene in another back alley, this one near the church of St. Halea.

Brogar, bald headed fellow.
A fairly large and gruff looking fellow. He seemed to be looking for Gurt, and took it a bit past the looking stage.

Nemyn and Formar, two big nameless guys.
These two gruff looking fellows tried to get the baby from Gurt and Morvrim, and ended up in various states of disfigurement.

Asdir, a merchant.
A small, skinny fellow who has arrived in Tashal with four men as guards: Herin, Camain, Lardin, and Kadan. They appear to be foreignesque and claim to have come from near Kiban. Kendra is suspicious of their motives.

Dernan, head honcho of Tashal guard.
25-35 years old, 5'10", 170 lbs. Enjoys roast mutton stew and consumption of alcohol. But only responsibly of course. Fit, has high income job, and isn't completely disillusioned by society yet. Seeking fertile female companion with advanced cooking skills and a pretty smile.


Lord Teryne - DECEASED (brutalized by attackers) the lord of the manor.

Erelyn - pregnant peasant, married to Chiffin.

Reema - another pregnant peasant.

Father Ilfefrin - the priest of the village.

Isme - the midwife of the village, of sorts.

Burriel - DECEASED (for all intents and purposes) the beadle.

Nuren - DECEASED (found dead in manor) a visiting fairly wealthy sort.

Sir Thamis - DECEASED (throttled by Micky) a visiting knight, with his squire Hirol.


Vimon, Labon villager.
DECEASED (taken by Taelda raiding party) appears to be about 20, dark hair, brown eyes, medium frame, lives with parents and a few siblings. Very interested in the exploits of the PCs and one of the only villagers who works in the fields despite the apparent danger.

Sir Kathel, Lord of Loban.
An accomplished Lancer with many trophies to boast, he is now in his 40s and a little paunchier than he once was.

Martin, the half Taelda hermit.
From near Loban.


Duran Worvath - Minor member of the relatively influential (at least locally) Worvath clan

Idarin - Daughter of Duran, formerly betrothed to Lord Osark Undraden; now betrothed to Sir Hargalen of Eichel

Ermian - Idarin's younger sister, a spinster


Merrein - the bailiff who holds the manor on behalf of Lord Bartyne

Hemmid - the beadle

Jassec - Merrein's cook

Renna - kitchengirl

Ormul - the metalsmith

Ibren - DECEASED (stabbed clear through by Rolan's spear) an alleged drunk hanging around the inn

Sir Gorthes - a visiting knight, with his squire Hivr

Imaren - an old friend of Kendra's

Ralsk - an old man in a cave

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