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Kendra's Tale

I apologize if I've been acting a little melodramatic about all of this. But, there's reason to all of it. It isn't entirely that I mistrust most everyone to the greatest possible degree. Or rather, I have reasons. There's something going on, and it isn't good. That's the short version, and the one that makes the most sense. And of course there's a longer one, if you don't have places to go.

I guess I might as well start at the beginning. or.. my beginning. or. whatever.

About four years ago, my father and my brother were murdered. I lived in a village then, probably mostly the same as your Northenden. They were never acknowledged by the town as being murdered, at least to my knowledge. I saw it, though. Three men ambushed them walking through the forest. I was with them, but had trailed behind. I hid, and watched from a thicket. It seems I've been hiding ever since. They fought back hard and managed to take down one of the attackers, but they both died. They were.. more violent than was necessary. Afterwards, they dragged their bodies away into the forest. While they were gone, I stole up to have a look at the man my brother had killed. The first in a long line of incredibly foolish things I have done. I sincerely hope telling you isn't one of them. But that's for the future.

I didn't stay long, I was terrified they would return and do to me what I had seen happen… So I got the fuck out of there quick. But I had time to take this.
She reaches into her cloak, and into a pouch and takes out a simple metal ring, engraved with a snake; it looks quite the same as the one Errol wears around. She puts it away quickly.
I left the village almost immediately. I stayed long enough to find out that my family was missing, and for my cottage to burn down the next night. But after that there was nowhere for me to go, nothing for me to do.. except to find out why those sons of kennelblight killed my family. So the next day I went out to the forest to see what I could find. I didn't know much about forestry and I didn't really find anything

I came to Tashal, and ever since then and I've been trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Mostly too paranoid to trust anyone. and mostly too overwhelmed to find out anything useful. But I have found some things. I've seen more than one of those rings. More than one life ended suspiciously. Comings and goings, whispers, and brawls. It is.. pretty much impossible to know what relates to what, and what means anything even.

So I know someone is doing something. But like I said, the short version is about as useful as the long version when it comes down to it, as well as being much better for sleeping. But. When I noticed that ring on your.. friend.. half of me wanted to jump up and strangle him, and the other half just wanted to get the hell away from there. And so I ran.

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