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The Hârnic Calendar

The standard calendar breaks the year of 360 days into 12 months.

SEASON to month table
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1 Nuzyael 4 Nolus 7 Azura 10 Ilvin
2 Peonu 5 Larane 8 Halane 11 Navek
3 Kelen 6 Agrazhar 9 Savor 12 Morgat

There are 10 days to the Hârnic week, which is called a ten-day. While there are no standard names for these days, several are used locally.

The calendar in common use throughout western Lythia (Tuzyn Recking) has a year based on 360 days. The actual orbital period of Ketheria is 360.0011 days and this has introduced an error of 15.5 hours in the calendar since it orginated. Tuzyn Reckoning (TR) starts on the first year of the founding of the kingdom of Melderyn. Other time scales, such as those of Western Hârn, were supplanted by TR primarily due to the flow of trade.

(converted from information at Pax Tharda)

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