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Campaign Start: 01 Peonu, 720
Current Date:   19 Larane, 720; evening. (timeline)

This site is a record of the shenanigans that began in my basement in the summer of 2004 and continue to go on to this day, and for hopefully many more to come. Firstly, this is a roleplaying campaign (if you have no idea what that means then go here). This campaign is set in an unmagickized version of Hârn and run with the GURPS rulesystem. Its flavour is realistic historio-fantasy adventure/mystery with an emphasis on awesomeness. Our roleplaying group meets on a semi-regular basis at a semi-regular location in London, Ontario. We've been gaming together playing at various games since about 1999. If you want to get in touch with the GM (that's me) you may do so, or visit my personal website. This is sort of the game I've always dreamed of running and so far it's going pretty well.

Many thanks first of all to my wonderful players (who could ask for anything more?) and also to all the friends and strangers who've listened to my yammering and questions, especially on the official GURPS and Harn fora, and to anyone who happens to be reading this. I love you.

170 initial points, + 55 earned points = 225
4th Ed History:
40-02 Sep, 2006: 13 (absentees: Brian, Colin)
39-26 Aug, 2006: (absentees: James, Colin)
38-18 Aug, 2006: (absentees: Colin, Caleb, Phil)
37-05 Aug, 2006: 7 (absentees: Colin, Brian)
36-15 Jul, 2006: (absentees: Colin)
35-08 Jul, 2006: (absentees: Colin)
34-17 Jun, 2006: (absentees: none!)
33-10, 16 Jun, 2006: (Mike and Phil; introducing: Caleb)
32-04 Jun, 2006: (absentees: Phil, Colin)
31-27 May, 2006: (absentees: James, Colin)
30-06 May, 2006: (absentees: Phil, Colin)
29-19 Feb, 2006: 6 (absentees: Phil)

28-30 Dec, 2005: (absentees: Colin)
27-19 Dec, 2005: (absentees: Colin)
26-01 Sep, 2005: 5 (absentees: none!)
25-25 Aug, 2005: (absentees: none!)
24-21 Aug, 2005: 17 (absentees: Phil)
23-09 Aug, 2005: (Mike and James)
22-26 Jul, 2005: (absentees: none!)
21-21 Jul, 2005: (absentees: none!)
20-13 Jul, 2005: (absentees: Brian)
19-27 Jun, 2005: (absentees: none!)
18-10 Jun, 2005: (absentees: none!)
17-05 May, 2005: [CP now to be accumulated and spent at suitable breaks] (absentees: James)

16-30 Dec, 2004: 2 CP (absentees: Colin)
15-23 Dec, 2004: 5 CP (absentees: Colin)

3rd Ed History:
75 initial points, + 51 earned points = 126
14-03 Sep, 2004: X CP (absentees: none)
13-25 Aug, 2004: 3 CP (absentees: James)
12-18 Aug, 2004: 4 CP (absentees: James)
11-09 Aug, 2004: 3 CP (absentees: James)
10-02 Aug, 2004: 4 CP (plus an extra ½CP to Mike for killing that damn fly) (absentees: Colin)
09-23 Jul, 2004: 5 CP (absentees: none)
08-12 Jul, 2004: 3 CP (absentees: none, tards: James)
07-05 Jul, 2004: 3 CP (absentees: James)
06-28 Jun, 2004: 5 CP (absentees: Brian)
05-18 Jun, 2004: 4 CP (absentees: Brian)
04-11 Jun, 2004: 4 CP (absentees: Brian)
03-06 Jun, 2004: 3 CP (absentees: Brian)
02-29 May, 2004: 4 CP (absentees: Brian)
01-11 May, 2004: 6 CP (absentees: none)

Original Campaign Concept:
A historical-ish campaign set in a medieval-ish world. There is no magic or monsters. Just forests, swords, farms, and castles. The characters are all from the small town of Northenden and start off as young friends. Everything is pleasant enough, but inevitably things take a turn for the more eventful and momentous. The characters grow age-wise and experience-wise, as perhaps the world is turned on its head. As per usual with my campaigns, the focus is on deep plots, and intelligent roleplaying, complex characters and interactions. Because that is what's fun to me.

Inspiration: I was thinking back to when I was 10 or 11, and used to read about or play out all those fantasies of innocent 16/17 year olds who lead normal lives and then are swept into events much larger than themselves. In most of the games these days we usually start out as adventurers – ready to take on the next task at hand, or perhaps as 'regular dudes' but usually older ones, with much experience of life. And then I realized that all of us are either 19 or 20 now, so we're older than those naive, innocent, wide-eyed youths ready to discover the world. So as we go through our mid-life crises, my little game hopes to take off a good 2 or 3 years, and make ya feel young again! That and I started to miss dreaming about the raw, comparative simplicity, and outdoorsiness of the medieval age, especially when it's uncluttered by fanciful and ultimately shallow constructions like elves and wizards. Oh where has the faith in the human being gone? Mundane should be the last of words when describing humanity.

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